No one can describe the experience of Spencer’s undergraduate scholarship recipients better than the students themselves.

If you ever thought your donations didn’t mean anything or that they went to unmotivated students, let me ease your anxiety and speak for every recipient and say your contributions are more than appreciated – they are making a difference. I hope you continue to support the Spencer Foundation whose mission is so critical to obtaining a college education.

DeAnna Young

2015 Spencer Scholar / St. John’s University


The committee reviewed about 195 full-time undergraduate, graduate, and pre-dissertation applications for 2016 scholarships after the deadline date of January 31st and selected the following 2016 Spencer Scholars:

2017 Undergraduate Named and Memorial Scholarships Recipients
Paulus AckahGeorgia State UniversityE.J. Leverett Memorial Scholarship (Atlanta RIMS)
Jacob AkstinsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Albert AppouhColumbia UniversityRIMS NJ Chapter Scholarship
Elizabeth ArbegastTemple University
Casey BallengerTroy UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial Scholarship
Garrett BellTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial Scholarship
Madison BemisUniversity of St. ThomasLiberty Mutual Group Scholarship
Alyssa BreinerTemple UniversityZurich Scholarship
Alessondra BrunoSt. John's UniversityLiberty Mutual Group Scholarship
Rebecca CacioppoUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonRobert E. & John P. Gallagher Memorial Scholarship
Parker ChalmersButler UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial Scholarship
Max CourtneyTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial Scholarship
Alia DahlanAppalachian State University
Noah DanielsDrake UniversityLiberty Mutual Group Scholarship
Alan DivverTemple UniversitySeptember 11th Memorial Scholarship
Sean FitzgeraldIllinois State UniversityRIMS Chicago Chapter Scholarship
Maggie FlynnIllinois State University
Travis FreytagButler University
Paige GianfortuneTemple University
Christopher GramanIndiana State UniversityXL Catlin/Ian Heap Memorial Scholarship
Andrew GriecoSt. Joseph's University
Ryan HadenfeldAppalachian State University
Dina HassanOld Dominion UniversityFM Global Scholarship
John HellerTemple University
Enbo JiangSt. John's UniversityAllied World Scholarship
James KramerIndiana State University
James KrollUniversity of St. ThomasJohn T. Lockton Memorial Scholarship
Ben LandesUniversity of GeorgiaRIMS Atlanta Chapter Scholarship
Jean LeconteSt. John's UniversityThomas Regan Memorial Scholarship (RIMS New York Chapter)
Jayde Lim Ah TockTemple University
Brian MachutUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
Kristen MarshallIllinois State University
Jennie Lynn MartinoSt. John's UniversityEllen Thrower Scholarship
Madeline MaxwellOlivet CollegeLiberty Mutual Group Scholarship
Lacey MillerTemple University
Alina MoraruThe University of Texas at Dallas
Mitchell MorrisIllinois State University
Ryan MrozTemple University RIMS Scholarship
Lea Musuamba CiowelaTemple University
Ryan MuzuluDrake University
Truong NguyenThe University of Texas at DallasGabriel Lugo Memorial Scholarship (Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter)
James PappasSt. John's UniversityDante Petrizzo Memorial Scholarship (RIMS New York Chapter)
Nitai PatelTemple University
Nicholas PatnodeUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
Claire PattersonTemple UniversityFM Global Scholarship
Heather PuseyUniversity of South CarolinaJohn T. Lockton Memorial Scholarship
Evan RogersIndiana State University
Thomas RosenbaumTemple University
Cameron RoweUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
Fiona SpinelliTemple University
Trevor SteinerIndiana State University
Adam StoudtTemple University
Anita SuvasiaSt. John's UniversityChubb/William J. Clagnaz Memorial Scholarship
Nicholas VilovTemple University
Alexis WallaceMissouri State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial Scholarship
Amanda WolfgangTemple University
2016 Undergraduate Named and Memorial Scholarships Recipients
Adam BeachIllinois State UniversityZurich
Devon BellamyButler University
Casey BrandsSt. Joseph's University
Delaney ByrneTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Judy ChengIllinois State University
Michelle De ChristopherSt. Joseph's UniversityRIMS NJ Chapter
Joseph De MicheleUniversity of HartfordAllied World
Sean DentTemple University
Ashley DietzUniversity of GeorgiaJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Eric DyndaSt. John’s UniversityRIMS
Nicholas D' OrazioSt. Joseph's University
Ted James FaulstekTemple UniversityLiberty Mutual
Hailey GobleOlivet College
Andrew GriecoSt. Joseph's University
Sunmi HirataGeorgia State UniversityRIMS Atlanta Chapter
Alicia HuangSt. John's UniversityWilliam J. Clagnaz Memorial/Chubb
Enbo JiangSt. John's University
Justin JohnsonTemple University
Michael KaganUniversity of St. Thomas
Larynda KeithIndiana State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Clare KocmanSt. Joseph's University
Benjamin LandesUniversity of GeorgiaE.J. Leverett Memorial/RIMS Atlanta Chapter
Vance LangdonAppalachian State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Jon LangelUniversity of IowaJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Gina LemckeButler University
Tyler LermanTemple University
Anthony LuceroSt. John's UniversityEllen Thrower
Sabba ManyaraSt. John's UniversityDante Petrizzo Memorial/RIMS NY Chapter
Madeline MaxwellOlivet College
Zach W. McCoyIndiana State University
Andrew MerfeldOlivet CollegeJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Evelyn MutagaywaDrake University
Alyssa NardiAppalachian State UniversityLiberty Mutual
Timothy NguyenAppalachian State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Cassandra NoelUniversity of St. Thomas
Ruth NiehUniversity of ConnecticutLiberty Mutual
James PappasSt. John's UniversityThomas Regan Memorial/RIMS NY Chapter
Claire PattersonTemple University John T. Lockton Memorial
Matthew PauszekButer UniversitySeptember 11th Memorial
Sean PreisTemple University
Matthew PrestifilippoTemple UniversityFM Global
Heba RajaTemple University
Moshin RazaTemple UniversityFM Global
Sarah RumonUniversity of St. ThomasJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Katherine SargentEast Carolina University
Riana SchvarzmanTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial
Peter ShenTemple University
Taylor StackTemple University
Fiona SpinelliTemple UniversityXL Catlin/Ina R. Heap Memorial
Trevor SteinerIndiana State University
Meagan StengerIndiana State UniversityRobert E. & John P. Gallagher Memorial
Dan William WhiteTemple UniversityLiberty Mutual
Marki WilburOlivet College
Ethan WittingIllinois State UniversityRIMS Chicago Chapter
Thomas WoodardUniversity of GeorgiaGabriel Lugo Memorial/RIMS Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
Chase YetterLebanon Valley CollegeJohn T. Lockton Memorial
2015 Undergraduate Named and Memorial Scholarships Recipients
Christopher B. AlexanderSt. Joseph's UniversityZurich5,000
Colin AndersonTemple University$5,000
Michael BeneventanoSt. John's UniversityDante Petrizzo Memorial (NY Chapter)$5,000
Stanislav ColpacovUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign$5,000
Christopher ComrieAppalachian State University$5,000
Nathalie A. DailUniversity of South Carolina$5,000
Nicholas A. DeMarcoAppalachian State University$5,000
Alex DiVerdeBradley University$5,000
Eric DyndaSt. John’s UniversityRIMS New Jersey Chapter$5,000
Patrick S. EmersonThe University of GeorgiaE.J. Leverett Memorial Scholarship$5,000
Mitchell C. EnglandUniversity of MississippiSeptember 11th Memorial$5,000
Thomas FiorilloSt. John's UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Ryan FitzpatrickIllinois State UniversityLiberty Mutual Group$5,000
Leanne FuentesSt. Mary's University$5,000
Kassie GroomsIndiana State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Julia HellmanThe University of GeorgiaRIMS Atlanta Chapter$5,000
Alec ImmordinoBall State UniversityLiberty Mutual Group$5,000
Roy JuDrake UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Ashley KadamthottuSt. John’s University$5,000
Larynda S. KeithIndiana State University$5,000
Mitchell KirchnerTemple University$5,000
Melissa LakinButler UniversityFM Global$5,000
Patrick LandwehrIndiana State UniversityRobert E. & John P. Gallagher Memorial$5,000
Nancy LeTemple UniversityFM Global$5,000
Linda LiuSt. John's UniversityEllen Thrower$5,000
Leah L. LupuOlivet CollegeRoyal & Sun Alliance/Douglas Barlow Memorial$7,500
Brittany McClureUniversity of North TexasGabriel Lugo Memorial/RIMS Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter$5,000
Zach W. McCoyIndiana State University$5,000
Philip McMahonUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette$5,000
Andrew MerfeldOlivet College$5,000
Kate MichelTemple University$5,000
Jacob E. MorrisIllinois State UniversityRIMS Chicago Chapter$5,000
Michelle MuzuluDrake University Risk & Insurance Management Society$5,000
Brandon J. NettrouerIndiana State University Allied World$5,000
Matthew T. PauszekButler University $5,000
Sean PreisTemple University $5,000
Joseph G. QuartucioSaint Joseph's UniversityXL/Ian Heap Memorial$5,000
Rachel RobertsIndiana State University Liberty Mutual Group$5,000
Richard RosenbaumTemple University$5,000
Sarah J. RumonUniversity of St. Thomas$5,000
Boris Salvador MaldonadoAppalachian State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Tanner N. SchultzIllinois State University $5,000
Mary Grace SearTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton$5,000
Farid ShataraIndiana State University $5,000
Peter ShenTemple UniversityLiberty Mutual Group$5,000
Rachel L. ShriverBaylor University$5,000
Stephen SimmonsTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Allison SlaterIllinois State University$5,000
Daniel SmithThe University of Alabama$5,000
Meagan B. StengerIndiana State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Margaret SuttonUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison$5,000
Victor C. TangFlorida State University$5,000
Swarnima TapariaSt. John's UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Alison TarrantButler UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Kathleen TroySaint Joseph's UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Hailey R.WillettJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Brandon WilliamsUniversity of HartfordThomas Regan Memorial/RIMS NY Chapter$5,000
DeAnna YoungSt. John's UniversityACE USA/William Clagnaz Memorial$5,000
2014 Undergraduate Named and Memorial Scholarships Recipients
Silas C. Adams Temple UniversityDouglas Barlow Memorial$7,500
Giovanni Adiletta Temple University$5,000
Ameera S. Agha University of Wisconsin, Madison John T. Lockton Memorial $5,000
Christopher B. AlexanderSt. Joseph’s University Allied World Assurance Co.$5,000
Angelica A. AquinoBritish Columbia Institute of TechnologyJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Marc Baliatico Temple UniversityRIMS New Jersey Chapter $5,000
Evan P. BarnesTemple UniversityFM Global $5,000
Frederick L. Barnes, IIITemple UniversityRobert E. and John P. Gallagher Memorial (Arthur J. Gallagher)$5,000
Michael T. BeneventanoSt. John’s UniversityThomas Regan Memorial (RIMS NY Chapter) $5,000
Lindsey G. BunchVirginia Commonwealth University$5,000
Courtney D. ClarkTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Mackenzie J. ColburnTemple University FM Global$5,000
Aubrey M. Colyer Ball State UniversityLiberty Mutual Group $5,000
Steven J. CostaTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Ryan S. CurranIllinois State University RIMS Chicago Chapter $5,000
Eric M. DawdyOlivet CollegeLiberty Mutual Group$5,000
Britain L. DooleyFlorida State UniversityJohn T, Lockton Memorial$5,000
Alexandra D. FiersztUniversity of South Carolina, Columbia $5,000
homas P. FiorelloSt. John’s University$5,000
Thomas P. FitzgeraldIllinois State University$5,000
Alberto A. FranceseVirginia Commonwealth University$5,000
Vincent M. GalassoTemple University$5,000
Brianna M. GattoIllinois State University$5,000
Michelle K. GodbeyIllinois State University John T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Kassie Jo GroomsIndiana State University$5,000
Ethan T. Hall Indiana State University $5,000
Rogelio C. HernandezSt. Mary’s University Gabriel Lugo / RIMS Dallas / Ft. Worth Chapter$5,000
Zachary T. HritzTemple University $5,000
Roy B. Ju Drake University $5,000
Patrick C. Landwehr Indiana State University Risk & Insurance Mgmt. Society, Inc.$5,000
Melanie S. LowranceAppalachian State UniversitySeptember 11th Memorial $5,000
Leah L. Lupu Olivet College John T. Lockton Memorial $5,000
Cameran J. McCarty Indiana State University $5,000
Wesley M. McDaniel Appalachian State University John T. Lockton Memorial $5,000
Michael T. McGuireTemple University Zurich Financial Services $5,000
Philip ManiscolaTemple University Liberty Mutual Group$5,000
Swapna Namburi Indiana State University Liberty Mutual Group$5,000
Brandon J. NettrouerIndiana State University $5,000
Bailey C. NooneSt. John’s UniversityDante Petrizzo Memorial MS NY Chapter $5,000
Nathan OrtizSt. John’s UniversityWilliam J. Clagnaz Memorial ACE USA$5,000
Nam Thai Phan St. John’s University$5,000
Alexis A. RamiroIllinois State University John T. Lockton Memorial $5,000
Jennifer M. RicheyMissouri State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial $5,000
Rachel A. Roberts Indiana State University John T. Lockton Memorial $5,000
Ali Marie RosenbergUniversity of IowaIan R. Heap Memorial / XL Capital Group$5,000
Brittany A. Sakson St. John’s University Ellen Thrower$5,000
Kathleen M. SnajderUniversity of Connecticut$5,000
Francesca R. WaddingtonTemple University$5,000
Blayne S. White Olivet College $5,000
2013 Undergraduate Named and Memorial Scholarship Recipients 
Megan R. AngstadtUniversity of Georgia$5,000
Brian H. BakerUniversity of Georgia John T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Andrew R. BombardUniversity of Hartford$5,000
Alyssa N. BouchardAppalachian State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Frank N. BuschIllinois State UniversityRobert E. and John P. Gallagher Memorial$5,000
Yodan ChoSt. John’s UniversityACE USA / William J. Clagnaz Memorial$5,000
Renee M. CollinsIndiana State UniversityLiberty Mutual Group$5,000
Timothy L. CornishTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Stefan DoeblitzUniversity of OregonAllied World Assurance Co.$5,000
Danielle R. EllisTemple UniversityFM Global$5,000
Sean P. EnglandUniversity of MississippiFM Global$5,000
Zachary A. FivecoateBall State University$5,000
Sarah C. FueslerTemple University$5,000
Patrick T. HarpenauIndiana State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
William E. HauserTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Sarah A. HelmanIndiana State UniversityZurich Insurance Group$5,000
Kyle JeziorskiSt. Joseph’s UniversityRIMS NY Chapter / Thomas Regan Memorial$5,000
Bradley T. Ketzner Indiana State UniversityRIMS Chicago Chapter$5,000
Jong Hyun J. KimTemple University$5,000
Brittany L. Kirk Indiana State UniversitySeptember 11th Memorial$5,000
Olivia A. LahrButler University$5,000
Ellen V. LambIndiana State University$5,000
Karren S. LawsonTemple University John T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Cory S. LeathUniversity of North TexasRIMS Dallas / Ft. Worth Chapter$5,000
Martin L. LeichtTemple UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
William H. LehmanIndiana State UniversityRisk and Insurance Management
Society, Inc. (RIMS)
Davy F. Lim Ah TockSt. John’s UniversityEllen Thrower$5,000
Andrew D. LitchfieldBall State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Joel E. McveyButler UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Cole W. MeixnerSt. John’s UniversityRSA/Douglas Barlow Memorial$7,500
Anthony P. MillerUniversity of GeorgiaRIMS Atlanta Chapter / E.J. Leverett Memorial$5,000
Rebecca L. MutekTemple University$5,000
Patrick M. O’BrienIllinois State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Swapna NamburiIndiana State University$5,000
Richa L. NiblettUniversity of GeorgiaRIMS Atlanta Chapter$5,000
Bailey C. NooneSt. John’s University$5,000
Benjamin L. PattersonUniversity of Hartford$5,000
Carl B. ReedSt. John’s UniversityRIMS NY Chapter / Dante Petrizzo Memorial$5,000
Sarah A. SheltonMissouri State UniversityJohn T. Lockton Memorial$5,000
Ashley L. SrokaTemple University$5,000
Janice L. TallmanAppalachian State University$5,000
Jordan L. ThomasButler UniversityLiberty Mutual Group$5,000
William J. ThorssonTemple UniversityIan R. Heap Memorial / XL Capital Group$5,000
Adair E. WallensteinUniversity of South CarolinaLiberty Mutual Group$5,000
Maygn C. WellsHoward UniversityLiberty Mutual Group$5,000
Isaiah P. WoodsHoward University$5,000