We know our programs are working well because the people who participate get so much out of them.



Joel McVey

“The scholarship has an obvious financial benefit, but I am even more appreciative of the confidence that the scholarship has given me by associating me with the Foundation. It is great motivation to know that professionals have a vested interest in my success, and I hope that I can be a good representative of their investment.”

– Joel McVey, 2013 Spencer Scholar, Butler University

Alyssa Bouchard

“Thanks to Spencer, I am able to take the time I would usually spend working to pay for school and devote it to involvement in professional associations … This has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally, and prepare myself to be an asset to the risk and insurance industry. I feel more prepared than ever to begin my career in this industry, and I owe that to the Spencer Educational Foundation.”

– Alyssa Bouchard, 2013 Spencer Scholar, Appalachian State University

Cathleen Gabriel

“As a Spencer scholar, I have received tremendous support from the Spencer Foundation. I am very grateful, not just for the financial support, but also for the invaluable networking and career development opportunities that Spencer has opened up for me. I interned with AIG in Singapore over summer 2013 and Marya Propis kindly reached out to me and welcomed me to the company. A few months later, we met again at the 2013 Business Insurance Women to Watch event and she shared my joy about joining AIG full-time in Chicago as an Underwriting Analyst. Marya also reminded me to reach out to her once the Analyst Program kicks-off in NYC because she really wants to sit down with me and get to know me. This is just one of many invaluable networking and possible mentor opportunities that would not have been as likely if not for my connection with Spencer.”

– Cathleen Gabriel, 2012 Spencer Scholar, Temple University

Robert Wykoff

“As a student, I was intimidated by the insurance industry. Receiving the Spencer Scholarship helped me to better define the industry’s character, bridge the gap between student and professional, and affirm the industry’s commitment to upstarts. The Spencer Scholarship was a warm welcome to the industry, provided a boost of confidence, and has encouraged me to reciprocate the kindness shown to me wherever I can.”

– Robert Wykoff, 2011 Spencer Scholar, Temple University

Ethan Harrington“The Spencer Educational Foundation was instrumental in my development as a working professional and personally. Without the scholarship, I would have had difficulty in acquiring my MBA with such high costs of education. I am extremely grateful for the scholarship and all the great support the Spencer Educational Foundation provides to students to help achieve their goals.”

– Ethan Harrington, 2008 Spencer Scholar, University of Kansas

Deyan Kozhuharov“The Spencer Scholarship helped me make my college education dream come true.”

– Deyan Kozhuharov, 2007 Spencer Scholar, Olivet College